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Python “SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing error” Solution Guide

The unexpected EOF error type is a subset of SyntaxError and it occurs whenever the Python interpreter reaches the end of your program before all the code blocks in it have been executed.The EOF in the error message stands for “End of File” implying the final point of a python file has been reached. Read on to know the most probable causes and their corresponding solution to this particular error type...

Writing. Career Guide Febuary, 2, 2021


Writing 101: How to start off your career as a profitable writer

Naomi starts her writing career as an eleven years old girl who writes short story books just for the fun of it. As she grew older, the length of her story books increases from her previous best of two hundred word stories to a five hundred word one then to a thousand and... The writing world is very competitive and unforgiving one screwed to favor already made writers but we are here to help you navigate your way through...

Writing. Career Guide January, 18, 2021


How to earn money while learning programming

Have you have began your journey in becoming a self taught programmer but you need some few extra bucks here and there while you continue mastering your craft? Well it's possible and majority of your mates half-way through their programming journey are earning tangible bucks while at it. You have already done the hard part required for earning that money by acquiring some skill sets! so let's get started...

Technology. Programming January, 14, 2021


Creating The Perfect Food Menu For Your Pet Dog

Just like we humans, all dogs have varying diet choices too hence; that sumptuous meal your German Sheperd loves to devour may not work for the next door neighbour's Bulldog. The best approach in making a perfect food timetable for your dog is obviously a visit to the vet clinic but if you feel you can come up with something just as perfect for your dog on your own then we are here to guide you through!...

Animal Care. Vet guide January, 14, 2021


Best Programming language to learn this 2021: The Beginner's guide

Have you finally settled for computer programming as your career path? Are you new to the whole concept of coding and you're struggling to pick the right programming language to begin with? Which one of Java or JavaScript, Python or C would suffice? Well the good news is that you don't need to panic and pass through the "tutorial cage" stage because we are here to help you through the whole process...

Technology . Programming January, 12, 2021