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Gora Blog is a well researched, educative and interactive DIY (Do It Yourself) blog. Our topics of interest range from Technology, Politics, Finance/Money Management, Sports, General Lifestyle and Health.


About this Gora blog

Gora Blog is a self run blogging platform by Godwin Orabuego, a 21years old writer, software developer and an undergraduate engineering student. While he currently serve as the sole writer/Admin of this blog, interested writers who wish to partner up and create great contents on Gora Blog should feel from to contact us or send an email at orabuego@gmail.com.

If you feel inspired by any of our contents and would like to assist us via financial donations, moral support, mentorship or any other form of support; then feel free to reach out to us or send your donations via Paypal at orabuego@gmail.com


A non-profit blogging platform built to educate people around the world on topics that cut across every facet of life.


We aspire new writers with a keen interest to push our community further. We work as a team to keep our readers well informed.

Our Core Value

Diligence, Fact checking, Perfection. Readers-first attitude and Resourcefulness


Godwin Orabuego

Founder/Super Admin

A web developer who writes for fun. Lives in Nigeria with his family of six and two pet dogs.