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How to get earn money while learning programming:

posted by Admin Goddy Ora on January 14th, 2021


Have you have began your journey in becoming a self taught programmer but you need some few extra bucks here and there while you continue mastering your craft? Well it's possible and majority of your mates half-way through their programming journey are earning tangible bucks while at it. You have already done the hard part required for earning that money by acquiring the relevant skills sets in your field! Now, we are going to talk about the somewhat less difficult aspect of turning that learnt skill sets of yours to money. You can start monetizing your skills by:
1. Freelancing.
2. Starting a personal project like app, blog or websites etc.
3. Teaching others your skills via YouTube, eBooks, blog posts or online teaching platforms.
4. Entering Programming/Coding contests.

Freelancing :
Freelancing means you basically work as a contractor for potential clients via popular freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancing.com etc. As a freelancer, you are self-employed personnel who bids for job (on contract) via this platforms in which your skill sets matches the job requirements and level of expertise needed. For better clarity sake; say you are well equipped in Java programming language; you can bid for jobs requiring a Java programmer to design an Android mobile application if you are up to the task. On these freelancing platforms thousands of jobs are posted weekly so you can always find one that fits your talent. While freelancing is the most popular means of earning among programmers because of the flexible work schedules and possibility hitting well paying jobs from all over the world, it also has it's downsides. As a self taught programmer, you might have overestimated your skill sets so competing with the top guys in your niche might be difficult hence; resulting in a poor job bidding rate. Also your prospective clients would expect industry level codes which you might be unfamiliar with yet. It is always advisable for you to check out these freelancing sites for the typical job requirements of your line of interest before dabbling into the harsh world of freelancing. One important tip you must take advantage of is to ensure that you make good use of your social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and the likes to outsource and bid for potential jobs. Also be careful not to mislead your clients on the level of your expertise by lying about/hyping your skill sets for being truthful will lead to healthier and longer lasting relationship with the clients.

Personal Projects :
Can you build an app (for Android or IOS) or can you build an ecommerce website or even a personal blog? If yes, then you can start from there by monetizing whatever project you embark on. Multiple Apps on Google and Apple PlayStores offers in-App purchases or subscription services and ads services. You can always build a catchy app to solve people's problem and monetize it! If you prefer to build a blog (say a technology tutorial blog), you can also monetize your blog via signing up to Google Adsense service and getting paid to your bank account based on the number of traffic driven to your blog. Your social media presence could be handy in increasing your traffic through sharing of your blog posts there. Some AI programmers build great algorithms for trading Forex, Stocks options or ETFs so do not limit your creativity when considering this option. Whatever project you decide on, simply take your time to perfect it to your taste before turning it to an income generating machine.

Teaching What you know already learnt :
Have you already digested that five hours long introductory guide to web development? Or can you teach a newbie how to write his/her first HTML or Python code? Or take a whole class on the basics of Java? You don't have to be the absolute expert in your field to teach a newbie right? If the answer to any of the listed question is a YES, then you can set up a tutorial blog or channel on YouTube and start earning money from your wealth of knowledge. As you grow your audience, you might want to start writing your first tutorial eBook or sign up to an online tutoring platform. There is always someone out there who is struggling to grab something you might consider too simple so why not charge him/her for your service? The Tutorial way of earning money as a "not-yet fully self trained programmer" might be the hardest of all yet with patience and the right tools, those little penny and dollars could add up to something tangible.

Entering Programming contests :
"Top coding contests in Georgia?"
"Top paying coding contests in the US?"
Type such search enquiries into Google or other search engine of your choice and you will find an unlimited range of opportunities you can always test your abilities on. The good side of this option is that: even if you fail to make the money, your experience will put you up for better opportunities in the future. Entering coding contests allows you to grow, get a little peek at the tech industry, improve your resume and even afford a shoot at a large final prize should you come out on top! The most important thing is to have fun while at it and don't commit all your efforts into one basket rather spread them out to other options. Also make sure to not lose track of your main goal: which is becoming a fully fledged self taught programmer!

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Mark Thompson

Thanks for the hindsight! Gonna start marketing my little skills on fiverr and the others!

Rita Amadi

Great article, thanks Admin for the beautiful infos shared

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